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How to Remove Nail Polish Easily in 4 Simple Ways

The answer to that question of ‘how to remove nail polish’ is surely by using nail polish remover. However, what if you do not have one? Is it possible to remove it without using the remover? Thankfully, there are a lot of methods to remove nail polish and you do not have to depend on the remover.

If you do your nail a lot, there are several methods of nail polish removal that you have to understand here. Some of them use household products and even the ingredients which you may find in the kitchen. Therefore, when your nail polish remover is running out, you do not have to buy it. Just make it on your own.

How to Remove Nail Polish without Remover?

Basically, nail polish remover is something with alcohol as its main ingredient. So, it is naturally true to say that anything alcohol-based is useful to remove the nail polish. There are several products that you can use for this. Some of them are:

  1. Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is packed with alcohol. They smell a lot like the remover as well. To use hand sanitizer as the remover, you can simply wet a cotton ball with the hand sanitizer and then dab them on the nail. Then, start scrubbing and the nail polish will fade away.

  • Using Spray-On Deodorant

Spray-on deodorant is also full of alcohol. Spray them on the nail and wait for several seconds. Then use a cloth or cotton ball to scrap the nail polish. It should fade away soon after and you can continue to spray the deodorant if the polish is too thick.

DIY Nail Remover You Can Make at Home

Making the nail polish remover at home is very much possible. It can be done in just several steps. The ingredients are so easy to find as well. For those who want to find out how to remove nail polish using natural ingredients, find out about them below.

  1. The Ingredients

You need two ingredients only to make the solution. First, prepare a bottle of white vinegar. Regular distilled vinegar will work well. Then, you need the juice of one lemon. Mix one part of the vinegar with one part of the lemon juice and mix them well.

  • How to Use It

Soak the nail in this solution for several minutes. The high acidity of vinegar as well as lemon juice will break down the nail polish and make them softer. After that, use a clean cloth to remove the rest of the nail polish.

Removing Nail Polish with Toothpaste

Do you have toothpaste at home? Well, of course you do. Little did you know toothpaste can be used conveniently to remove the nail polish. How to do that? Follow the instruction below to make sure that you can properly remove the polish using toothpaste.

  1. Making the Paste Mix

Mix one part of toothpaste with one part of baking soda. Use a plastic bowl and plastic spoon to mix them together. Make sure that the container is not anything metal so that it won’t cause any reactions from the baking soda.

  • Applying to the Nail

Apply the paste on each nail. It is like covering the nail entirely with the paste. Then, use cotton balls or damp cloth to scrap the nail and then removing the rest of the nail polish residue. Wash your hair entirely after doing this method as the mixture may cause your hand to smell a little bit weird.

Other Easy Ways to Remove Nail Polish

There are several more other ways to remove nail polish without using the remover. It can be done using hot water and scrapper. Soak your nail in hot water very carefully so that only the nail wll touch the surface of the hot water. It will soften the nail polish. Once done, scrap the entire nail polish layer using a nail scrapper. The nail polish should be gone by now.

You can also use paint thinner to do the removal. It is not pretty much recommended as nail thinner is not for any part of your body, including the nail. However, it works sometimes. Use the paint thinner by dabbing them on a cotton ball and use it to remove the nail polish, just like when you apply a nail polish remover. It is one of the cleverest methods on how to remove nail polish easily. Read other article for more information about how long does nail polish take to dry from trusted website.

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