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How to Cut Long Layers Hair without Going to Salon

The question on how to cut long layers has been around for decades. Numerous women with long hair are often conflicted about layering their long hair. They are confused about whether to do it all their own at home, or they let the professionals at the salon to do that for them. Well, if you want to save some money, do it on your own. Layering long hair is incredibly easy to do.

Yes, unlike layering short hair which may take several steps, layering long hair can be done in one simple step. All you need to do is styling the hair in front ponytail, and then cut the edge. It is that simple and quick. Are you interested? Read further information about it below, and start doing your own hair layering now.

How to Cut Long Layers: Getting Ready

Preparing the hair before cutting or trimming it into layers is very important. You need to understand how to do that properly. The hair has to be in certain condition to make it easier for you to handle and layer the hair. From Follow the instructions below.

  1. Damp the Hair

The very first thing you need to do is make your hair damp. Damp hair is way easier to work with, especially when it comes to the cutting. Damp the hair by spraying some water onto the hair or wash the hair entirely and partially dry them afterward.

  • Comb All the Tangles

Long hair is so prone of tangles. After the hair is damp, now you need to comb the whole thing using your comb or your hair. Do this to make sure there is no lumps and tangles on the hair that may cause your problems in the next step.

Making Front Ponytail

After the hair is prepared, you need to flip the hair basically to the front side. It can be done by making a front ponytail. This is the most important step on how to cut long layers so you want to do this really carefully and properly. Here’s more information about it.

  1. Gather the Hair at the Top

Gather the hair at the top of the head. Use a comb to help you out on this step. The hair must be combed forward and use your hair to hold the hair together, forming it into a ponytail right in front of the forehead.

  • Fasten with Hair Elastic

Now, fasten the ponytail and use a hair electric to tie them up together, forming a nice and tight front ponytail that you can see easily. Make sure the hair elastic is not that tight because you have to slide them down in the next step.

Cutting the Hair into Layers

When the front ponytail is ready, you need to start layering the hair by cutting it. This is where the layers are created and it is such an essential step. Make sure it is all done properly. Use these steps below as your manual.

  1. Slide Down the Hair Elastic

Carefully slide the hair elastic from the top of the head down to the edge of the pony tail. Make sure that the hair elastic is moved to the very edge of the ponytail to create a good layer. After that, grab the scissors.

  • Cut the End of the Ponytail

With a nice and sharp hair scissors, cut the hair below the hair elastic. The hair elastic should be the barrier between the hair you want to cut and the rest of the hair. Once done, remove the hair elastic and dry the hair entirely.

Tips to Cut Long Layers

There are several things that you should remember when trimming your long hair into layers. First, you have to make sure that the scissors are sharp and it won’t let you slip and clip the hair. That accident will surely let the hair have uneven look and layers. You really do not want this to happen as it can ruin the entire layers all together.

Second, you have to consider the thickness of your hair. If your long hair is really, really thick, the front ponytail must be done in several sections. One is surely not enough if the hair is that thick and you will find it hard to find the edges of the ponytail as well. Divide the hair into two or three parts before combing and applying hair elastic on them. That is the easiest way on how to cut long layers.