A Beginner Guide on How to Break in Heels

Kmazing – Not every woman knows how to break in heels, especially when they never wear one for their whole life. However, there is a special occasion coming up that makes them have to wear high heels, or maybe they want a bit of change and height.

The reason you are incapable of walking in high heels is that those kinds of shoes throw you off balance. Raising your heels’ height will increase the weight on your foot, pushing your body forward and affecting the way you walk. However, no matter what the reason and situation are, here is the beginner-friendly tutorial for you to walk in high heels.

Buy the Right Shoes

  1. Opt for Lower Heel

The first step you need to do so that you know how to break in heels is to buy the most comfortable shoes to walk in. If it’s your first time, consider starting yourself off with shoes with a lower heel.  A lower heel will not push your body too far, allowing you to walk in the high heel with no hassle.

  • Opt for Block Heels

Compared to a thin high heel, a solid block heel will instead give you more support. When you wear shoes with block heels, you will be able to walk with less wobble, and this type of shoes effectively helps you reduce back pain.

  • Consider Wedges

It’s the ultimate option for those who start taking an interest in high heels. This works well as they make a good compromise between flats and heels and feature excellent feet support and a bit of pitch.

Practice Walking in Heels at Home

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to wear your new shoes at home before wearing them on any occasion. You will want to walk on as many floors, carpets, stairs as possible. An important note when you walk on the stairs: make sure to just put your foot on each step as you walk up the stairs. When you walk down the stairs, put your whole feet down in the heel-toe, and make sure you get a stable footing before putting your other foot down. When you practice walking in heels at home, try to strengthen our joints and ankles as it will improve your walk. You can do a simple exercise by doing a calf raise while watching TV. Slowly rise to your feet’s balls and then lower your heels. Do it at your own pace as it will help you improve your ankle strength and get you accustomed to walking in high heels. 

How to Break in Heels Quickly

A special event is around the corner, and you don’t enough time to practice walking in heels. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t break in heels. First, in order to prevent slipping, make sure to scuff the base of your heels. Rub grain sandpaper around the bottom of the shoes in a side-to-side movement. The roughness will mimic the walking’s wear and tear.

Second, wear damp, thick socks on your heels. These wet socks can feel a bit uncomfortable, but they will help soften out and soften your snug heels. Walk around the house for about 20 minutes, then take off the damp socks and see how it feels. The third way you may consider is to u a hairdryer as it will make your heels better fit to your feet. You may want to do this too with socks on while focusing on the most rigid parts of the heels.

Ready to Walk in Heels

Half the secret of walking properly in heels is learning how to correctly stand in those shoes. It may sound silly for some, but a lot of women don’t know exactly how to stand in high heels when they don’t move, and this can make their feet hurt later on. After you know how to stand in your new heels, now it’s time for you to walk. In high heels, the right way to walk is by pushing your heel to the ground, balance yourself, and slowly roll your feet forward to a more natural walk. Wearing heels will surely cut down the length of your stride. The important point of how to break in heels is to take smaller steps than you usually would, and it will help you to stabilize the way you walk.

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